Patrol 170 for Swedish Pilots


The very latest design from Baltic Workboats shipyard is a 17m pilot boat for the Swedish Maritime Administration. This boat is powered by two Scania DI16 52M series engines of 535kW each. With two propellers it achieves a speed of 29 knots. On test drives boat has shown excellent seakeeping in different sea stages. New hull design (relatively long waterline in combination with deep V) is reason that navigators using new pilot boats are saying these crafts can be operated even in very rough sea conditions safely with speed up to 6 knots faster than same sized boats from previous generation. Boat has really modern design accompanied with most advanced and ergonomic working conditions for people working on it. The boat has a flexible superstructure mounting to reduce vibration and noise level in working premises. There has been order for three of these multifunctional pilot boats for the Swedish coastal area (by the Swedish Maritime Administration). Delivered recently they have started to serve pilots in the Swedish North Sea areas.