Swedish Coast Guard vessel design ready


The first of the KBV 312  series vessels for the Swedish Coast Guard will soon go into production. The vessel is designed according to Lloyd's Register Special Service Craft Rules and Swedish Maritime Administration requirements. 
The purpose of the vessel is to carry out patrol activities year-round in Coast Guard missions. These missions consist of maritime surveillance, border controls with respect to persons and goods, speed controls and other sea traffic controls, search and rescue missions, supervision of nature reserves and marine environment, fishing controls and water pollution controls. In order to carry out these missions the vessel have special equipment for boarding, fire fighting, emergency towing, searching, communication and documentation in addition to basic equipment normal for a vessel this size. The vessel shall provide a safe working platform in all weather conditions throughout the area of operation with high operability and have good sea keeping characteristics, manoeuvrability and directional stability.
The 24.6 metre vessels will be powered by three Volvo Penta IPS 1050 units to a speed exceeding 31 knots. The four person crew will be accommodated in single cabins with one extra cabin combined with an office. In order to provide lower operating costs the ventilation system will be equipped with heat exchangers and a C-filter to be used during oil recovery operations.
The KBV 312 vessels will be delivered between 2011 and 2013.