Swedish Coast Guard patrol vessel project completed.



With handing over KBV 316, the fifth patrol vessel from series, to Swedish Coast Guard (SCG) in the end of June 2013, Baltic Workboats has completed four-year contract to build new type of 26,5 m patrol vessels to SCG.

The contract was signed in June 2009 and the first year was dedicated only to design works.

In result of four years of close cooperation with Swedish Coast Guard there has been designed and developed a completely new type of patrol vessel with very many innovations. This new vessel type can be proudly called today as most modern and highly performing patrol vessel, of its size, in the world.

These high speed, all aluminium patrol vessels are used for surveillance tasks, border control, fishery control and sea rescue operations. The vessels are used also in winter ice conditions. 

Vessels are driven by triple Volvo-Penta IPS units what gives to the vessel the highest propulsion efficiency and considerable fuel efficiency.

Noise levels in these vessels were measured really low, going down to 53 dB in the wheelhouse at full speed of 34 knots.

“These vessels are dependable in use and have very good sea keeping performance. We are satisfied with the quality standards of Baltic Workboats and their innovative work with development. It has been very good co-operation between the Baltic Workboats and the Swedish Coast Guard.” stated Director of Newbuildings of Swedish Coast Guard, Commodore Ake Dagnevik.