Baltic Workboats wave-piercing series

All of our series wave piercing pilot boats and patrol boats can be
customized according to the customer’s
specific needs and requirements.

Wave-piercing bow

The hull is specially designed for high sea states. The hull shape is developed to minimize vertical accelerations at high speeds in rough weather conditions. Extra attention is paid to assure excellent control and maneuverability in demanding following sea conditions.


The design has been thoroughly tested in both head sea and rough sea states to deliver exceptional performance and helm control in the most challenging marine environments. The bow is deep and slender for high speed and fuel efficiency, yet the propeller tunnels are designed to have a minimum aft wake not to affect the environment.  The maneuverability has considered to turn completely around in just four boat lengths at high speed.

Propulsion concept

The vessel’s formidable power is delivered by best alternative choice for the customer needs. Baltic Workboats has an expertise in installation and maintanence of different propulsion concepts.


The vessel has incredibly low levels of noise and vibration despite the considerable size and power of its engine, as Baltic Workboats has developed an advanced expertise in insulation and interior assembly. The maximum noise levels have been tested in all sailing conditions. Noise level at 25kn was recorded 63db.

Double Chine

Double chine maintains supreme seakeeping and soft ride with minimum water spray on deck. The specially designed chine prevents the water spray and minimises ‘green water’ on deck.

Safety of the Crew

Baltic Workboats has developed a wheelhouse that has created a safe working environment inside and for the crew on the deck. The noise and vibration levels at the wheelhouse are one of the lowest in the industry. The wheelhouse is developed in collaboration with experts from Estonia, Belgium, Sweden, Germany and the UK. The helmsman has a center position with uninterrupted view to the deck at boarding area. Wheelhouse is resiliently but securely mounted to withstand hard impacts or collision.

Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption with fixed pitch propellers is up to 30% lower compared to similar vessels operating at the same speed with the same propulsion. The measured fuel consumption of similar vessels designed and built by Baltic Workboats and already in operation has been impressively low in 15m and 20m Baltic wave piercing pilot boats.

We offer:

Wave piercing Baltic patrol boats

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Developed for tasks that require high speed, manoeuvrability, comfortable ride and fuel efficiency in most challenging conditions. Excellent for pilot, patrol or SAR duties.

Wave piercing Baltic pilot boats

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