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Contract for the PILOT 17 WP

We are excited to announce that we have signed a contract with Flotte Hamburg for the construction and delivery of a new pilot boat. The pilot boat will be based on the Baltic Workboats successful PILOT 17 WP platform and the contract value is in the region of 3 million Euros. The contract includes an option for another identical pilot boat.

PILOT 17 WP platform features wave-piercing hull design which reduces vertical accelerations in heavy seas up to 40% and increases fuel efficiency thus guaranteeing ergonomical and effective operation of the vessel. Standard platform will be modified to match the customer specific needs, for example the vessel will be constructed under ES-TRIN rules and will be equipped with Stage V emission compliant drive system to minimize the environmental impact. The PILOT 17 WP will feature Baltic Workboats’ Integrated Automation, Control and Monitoring System (IAMCS) to allow seamless monitoring and control of vessel’s main and auxiliary systems from a single touchscreen at captain’s position and remote monitoring from shore.

“It is a great honour that we have been chosen as the manufacturer of the new pilot boat for Flotte Hamburg. Since it will be a third vessel in addition to two hybrid-electric patrol boats already under construction in Baltic Workboats shipyard for Flotte Hamburg, we are looking forward for continuing co-operation and will do our best to guarantee that the customer will get the pilot boat exactly matching their operational requirements” said Rimo Timm, Head of Sales of Baltic Workboats.