Wave-Piercing series

The Baltic Workboats wave-piercing, high-performance,

self-righting aluminum vessels cut through rough seas

with ease, featuring superior sea keeping abilities,

low vibration, low noise levels and high fuel efficiency

all thanks to its advanced modern design.


Wave-Piercing Bow Design

The wave-piercing bow design provides a longer waterline length when compared to a traditional hull vessel. In rough sea conditions when the bow becomes submerged, the top surface of the bow creates increased downforce, which compensates for the buoyancy of the bow. The bow design reduces pitching motions and provides a smoother ride for Captain and crew at all speeds. When compared to a traditional hull, a wave-piercing hull design provides 40% less vertical acceleration and up to a 30% improvement in fuel economy, which improves the bottom line of your business.

High Performance & Reliability

The Baltic Workboats wave-piercing series hull design has been thoroughly tested in rough sea conditions to deliver exceptional performance and helm control in the most challenging marine environments. The wave-piercing bow is deep and slender for high speeds and fuel efficiency. The maneuverability of the WP-Series is among the best available in a workboat hull being able to turn completely around 180-degrees in only four boat lengths at high speeds.

Marine Power Options

Baltic Workboats offers a variety of engine options and configurations in each hull in order to meet your needs. Baltic Workboats can spec different propulsion options for engines, gearboxes, propellers and drives for our entire workboat fleet to meet and exceed desired power, speed and fuel efficiency levels.

Low Vibration, Low Noise

Along with our advanced wave-piercing hulls, Baltic Workboats engine room design and insulation technology offers incredibly low levels of noise and vibration despite the considerable size and power of the engines. Baltic Workboats has developed an advanced design for the insulation and interior assembly making it the best low vibration and low noise solution on the market today. The maximum noise levels have been carefully tested in all ocean conditions. For our most demanding customers we have designed vessels that operate at 34 knots with only 55 decibelwhich is similar to the noise level produced by your average refrigerator. Come for a sea trial at Baltic Workboats and prepare to be amazed.

Double Chine Hull

Baltic Workboats double chine hull design maintains supreme sea-keeping and ultra smooth ride producing minimum water spray on deck. The specially designed hull maintains utmost seaworthy performance, prevents the water spray and minimizes ‘green water’ on deck affecting both the safety and visibility of the crew.

Wheelhouse & Crew Safety

Baltic Workboats has developed a unique wheelhouse that has created a safe working environment both in the cabin and for the crew on the deck. The wheelhouse offers nearly 360-degree visibility and was developed in collaboration with leading nautical experts from: Estonia, Belgium, Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom. The captain has a center position with uninterrupted views of the deck and boarding areas with additional skylight windows. All Baltic Workboats wheelhouse designs are securely mounted to withstand hard impacts or collision ensuring the safety of captain and crew.

Fuel Efficiency & Power

The fuel consumption of our hull design is up to 30-percent lower compared to similar vessels operating at the same speed with the same propulsion.  Inquire today on how we can meet your fuel efficiency and power needs with the best marine engine, gearbox, propellers and jet drives available on the market today.

The Baltic Workboats Fleet

Wave piercing Patrol SAR boats

Patrol SAR boats
Specifically developed for marine tasks that require high speed, maneuverability, smooth ride and fuel efficiency in the most challenging ocean conditions. Baltic Workboats offers the best available performance workboats for patrol, environmental, search and rescue duties.

Wave piercing Pilot boats

Pilot boats

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Phone: +372 452 1140

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