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First season on Northern-Caspian waters a success for Baltic Workboats 1400 Ultra Shallow Draft Landing Crafts

Last year Baltic Workboats delivered 6 of its Baltic 1400 USDLC (Ultra Shallow Draft Landing Crafts) to Caspian Offshore Construction LLP (COC) in co-operation with world-famous Finnish oil spill response solution provider Lamor Corporation.

Based in Almaty, COC is a 100% private Kazakhstani entity with operation offices establish in Aktau, Bautino, Astrakhan, Ashgabad, and Turkmenbashi. Currently, the company manages the total fleet of 48 vessels, including 23 vessels belonging to “oil majors”, shareholders in NCOC.

Baltic 14000 USDLC is a robust workboat based on the landing craft concept made of high- grade marine aluminum with heavy duty hydraulic bow ramp. The vessels are designed and tested for excellent and effortless sea handling and maneuverability, even at extremely shallow conditions. The V-shaped hull, keel, and stringers give stability in open waters, while its 0.4 m draft allows it to be utilized for many operations in very shallow waters. The landing craft has a high cargo capacity of 3,000 kg to transport equipment, personnel, and various emergency response gear.

Commenting the boats Steve Reilly, Lamor Corporation’s VP Global Business, said: “These special landing crafts have a wide open deck space with a strong bow door for easy access and deployment operations. The onboard crane on the starboard side of the deck gives these vessels the ability to raise and lower equipment onboard anywhere and deploy oil skimming systems over the side. The temperature controlled wheelhouse has excellent 360º visibility”.

After the first full season at the Caspian Sea, the Baltic 1400 USDLC have proved to be a success. Find vessel details from our webpage by clicking here