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Hybrid passenger ferry delivered!

Baltic Workboats have designed and built Waxholmsbolagets first ice going passenger Hybrid Vessel that will go in traffic among the islands in the Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden. The vessel is 27.5 m long and is equipped with the latest technology of diesel electric propulsion system with permanent magnet motors and generators and can thereby use the vessel with any combinations of gensets and the battery bank. The vessel is ice strengthen to ICE 1A and has the possibility to go in ice of 25 cm with the speed of 4 knots. Since the vessel will operate in winter time there is high requirements of insulation, waste heat recovery as well as heat recovery of the exhaust air. The vessel is also equipped with the latest exhaust cleaning SCR system to lower the emissions and the get the total environmental impact to a minimum. The 150 passengers can either be seated in the saloon on the main deck next to the cafeteria or on top deck where it is also access to the aft sun deck. The vessel is special adapted for disabled peoples with special ramps, materials and color schemes to improve the access for all people. The vessel is configured to be able to run with only two crew members with remote launching of life rafts and high safety. It is however possible to accommodate 3 members in their own cabins and a mess. (Photo by Robert Levin)